Crew Spotlight: Meet Terry

Sunset motorcycle view from the rider's point of view
Sunset motorcycle view from the rider's point of view

For over 30 years, Terry has been nurturing and caring for Atlanta lawns. He’s survived all the changes in the industry, he’s seen every kind of lawn, and he knows how to handle any challenge that comes his way.

So why do we love Terry? Because he says things like “honesty is the best policy and stick to your word no matter what.” From experience, we know he means it.

The first thing Terry does when he gets to your lawn is walk around to get a feel for the land. Every lawn is unique and needs to be treated as such. He’s acutely aware of the dangers of falling into routine: He proudly changes striping patterns and takes his time to avoid mistakes. Terry also understands the importance of starting your lawn off on the right foot. To get ready for this upcoming season and lay a strong foundation for your lawn, he is taking care of the details at every home he visits.

Lawns aren’t his only passion. Terry rides motorcycles with the wind rippling in his long Santa beard. Recently, Terry sold his Harley, and he’s still pretty torn up about it. He says he’s getting too old for it, but we don’t believe him. We’re just lucky he’s replaced his bike with a lawn mower.

He’s a lawn care provider, a motorcycle rider, and a history buff. He fell in love after watching historical reenactments, and once he decided to join in on the history histrionics, he didn’t stop for 15 years. It’s a hobby that let him travel our beautiful countryside and every battlefield in Georgia. The historical reenactments are actually what inspired him to grow out his beard.

He’s obviously a special guy, and we’re really excited to work with Terry for a third year in a row. We’re even more pleased to share his talents with you. If you ever see him on your lawn, make sure to say hi – it really makes his day when a happy customer comes out to talk to him.

“I love when a customer comes out and tells me their lawn looks great.”