Why the heck is my lawn brown?

Dried up brown lawn with cracked mud
Dried up brown lawn with cracked mud

Oh no.

Why is my lawn brown?

It’s the kind of thought that can keep you up at night and shying away from neighbors’ inquiring eyes.

Our lawn care professionals know a few simple rules to keep your neighbors off your back and your lawn looking a pristine shade of green.

Why is my lawn brown? Common Cause

Bermuda grass is the most common grass found on Atlanta lawns. Soft and spongy, only the tips stay green. Once your grass is mowed, the green tips are sheared off, leaving a brown looking lawn. Luckily, the brown only lasts for a couple of days until the rest of the blade does its photosynthesis thing.

A brown lawn is completely avoidable.

Long grass, don’t care

It seems inconsequential to skip lawn services for a couple of weeks and then ask for a low cut. It’s the obvious work-around that lets you pay for less services and more cold brews.

However, letting your grass grow too much in between cuts is the likely culprit for a straw-colored lawn. The combination of long grass and a low cut produces the brown grass you fear. As soon as too much height is mowed, you and your neighbors are staring at a brown lawn for over a week.

Especially in Hotlanta, where the sun can pierce through a low lawn and burn your blades from the root up. This is another cause of crunchy lawns.

If you think there is a different reason for your brown grass, check out some of these possible reasons from HouseLogic.

Once summer starts to leave us, it’ll be just a matter of time until most lawns in Atlanta are brown and dormant. It’s the natural flow of nature and nothing to worry about.

While it’s still summer, stick it to your HOA by only mowing the tips of new growth, and you’ll keep seeing the green lawn of everyone’s dreams.

Stop wondering “Why is my lawn brown” and sleep easy tonight, because making sure your lawn stays green is simple.

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