Terms & Conditions: July 2018 – Third Cut Free Promotion

  • Offer valid only for customers who have had an active account previously with Lawn.com and re-activate with a Weekly or Bi-Weekly Recurring Maintenance Package by August 1, 2018.
  • When calling by phone, mention “Third Cut Free Promotion”.
  • Offer limited to one free basic lawn maintenance service per address.
  • Promotional Free Cut will not apply to a service visit for an address that has not received regular maintenance and the turf exceeds 6” in height.
  • The first and second service visits will be charged at the standard Maintenance Payment amount as stated in the Lawn.com Agreement. The free cut promotional rate will be applied to the third service visit, after which all subsequent service visits will be charged at the standard Maintenance Payment amount.
  • Promotional Discount does not apply to services other than Lawn.com’s basic lawn maintenance service.
  • If customer cancels service and closes account prior to the completion of four (4) Maintenance Service visits for any reason other than a dissatisfaction with service provided or due to a Lawn.com error, Lawn.com reserves the right to charge back to customer a one-time charge equal to the service rate applicable for the address and the Maintenance Payment amount as set forth in the Lawn.com Agreement.
  • Lawn.com reserves the right to withdraw, amend or cancel the promotion at any time and without notice.