The Dos and Don’ts of Watering Your Lawn

Little girl playing with a garden hose on a lawn
Little girl playing with a garden hose on a lawn

When it comes to watering your lawn, Grumpy over at Southern Living says it best: “People water too much, too often, at the wrong times, and the wrong way.”

The trouble is watering a lawn seems so simple and intuitive, which leads people to believe they can just set out and do it. Like with most things, you should read up on the basics of watering your lawn, so you know you’re doing it properly. Here are our dos and don’ts to help you out this summer.  


  • Don’t use sprinklers on extremely hot days, as water will evaporate in the air
  • Don’t use sprinklers when it’s raining – double-check timer settings
  • Don’t water your lawn every day
  • Don’t use inground sprinklers: They’re hard to monitor and end up watering your lawn more than necessary


  • Do water deeply once or twice a week
  • Do water in the mornings before it gets too hot out
  • Do cut at the right height, as short grass browns faster
  • Do learn your city’s water regulations and ordinances

Extra tips for watering your lawn

  • If you must water in the evening, water between 4pm – 6pm to give your lawn time to dry before nightfall
  • Water in short cycles if your lawn is prone to puddles (10 minutes on, 10 minutes off)
  • If your established lawn goes dry and crunchy, it’s just dormant and will return to life as soon as it rains
  • Daily, short watering sessions creates a short-rooted lawn that demands water too often
  • A new lawn should stay consistently moist (not soaked) until there’s three inches of new growth

Water is a valuable resource, don’t waste it by watering your lawn too much, too often, and at the wrong time. It can lead to more problems like disease and insects. Need any more advice on watering your lawn? Just call us or email us, we’re glad to spread the wealth of knowledge.