Lawn Care Service

Professional Lawn Care Service Good Choice for Property Owners Virtually all homeowners enjoy having a beautiful, well maintained lawn. For this reason, many consumers prefer the help of lawn care service professionals to ensure optimal results. There are also various ways for individuals to help reduce the presence of weeds and other undesirable vegetation on their property and prevent major lawn problems.

Types of Weeds Numerous individuals are under the impression that weeds are all the same, but this is not correct. There are three basic kinds of weeds found in residential areas and although they share some of the same characteristics, they have significant differences as well. Most can be classified under one of the following categories: sedge weeds, broadleaf weeds and grassy weeds.

Weed Control The best defense against all weeds is a lush, healthy lawn that can choke them out before they grow out of control. The most appropriate time to do serious weeding is springtime, when unwanted vegetation is young and easy to destroy.

Trimming and Cutting Shrubs and Trees It is best to trim shrubs and trees on a regular basis, following a similar pattern each time. This will help to preserve a uniform pattern on the property. In certain cases, it is necessary to remove trees or roots, depending on where they are located. Simply cutting down the tree or removing roots may suffice, but in some instances stump removal is also required. These are jobs for professionals and should not be attempted by the homeowner.

Professional Gardening Services A professional gardening service can complete all the aforementioned tasks, from trimming trees and shrubs to weeding and planting. Many homeowners find they prefer to place such chores in the hands of experts to ensure that the exterior of their property remains in perfect condition throughout the year. Therefore, anyone whose goal is a beautifully-maintained lawn should consider hiring a reputable lawn care service to guarantee a satisfactory outcome.