Scope of Work

All packages include Turf Mowing, Edging, and Blowing/Debris Removal.  Trimming of Bushes and Bed Weed Control are optional additions.  Please reference your agreement to determine which package is currently applied to your service address.


If you’d like to change your services, please call your Lawn Care Ambassador who will be happy to assist you.


  1. TURF MOWING: All turf areas will be maintained and mowed during the growing season according to the “Service Schedule” referenced in the Agreement. During rainy or extended dry periods, more or less frequent mowing may be required.

    Height of turf is to be determined by species and local conditions during the growing season and should roughly conform to the following guidelines:

    Grass Type Grass Height
    Tall Fescue 3.0 inches
    Bermuda Grass 2.5 inches
    Zoysia Grass 2.5 inches
  1. EDGING:All sidewalks and curbs (hard edges) and beds (soft edges) will be mechanically edged using a stick edger, string trimmer, or equivalent throughout the Agreement period to maintain a neat appearance and will be based on the “Service Schedule” referenced in the Agreement. Turf along sidewalks and curbs (hard edge) and turf along soft-scape areas (soft edge) shall be edged every visit. Groundcover will be maintained in a healthy, vigorous growing condition. Maintainable groundcover, or groundcover with a clearly defined line, will be trimmed back from sidewalks, curbs, tree trunk, and paved areas if new growth appears.

    Upon completion of the work, any walkway, patio, sidewalk, driveway, and road frontage on the property should have a .5” separation. All landscape beds will be clearly defined and not have any grass encroaching them. New growth from groundcover will be cut back if at a maintainable level. will not be responsible for any damage to improperly buried cable and shall notify the Property Owner or Property Manager as listed in the Agreement under “Owner”.

  1. BLOWING/DEBRIS CLEANUP:Prior to beginning work, all debris and small pieces of trash will be removed from the landscaped areas and disposed of properly so not to affect grounds maintenance activities. If there are large quantities of debris (excess of one 55 gallon container), or trash on the site, shall notify the Property Owner or Property Manager as listed in the Agreement under “Owner”. Upon completion of the work, all sidewalks, curbs, decks or patios, breezeways, and other paved areas will be cleared of dirt, grass clippings, and debris resulting from any landscape services using mechanical blowers.

  1. PRUNING & TRIMMING OF BUSHES: Shrubs and hedges will be pruned or sheared to form a good growth habit. “Tip pruning”, or new growth, up to a maximum of 6” of growth will be pruned in shrub pruning service visits. A maintenance visit does not include renovation pruning. If renovation pruning is advisable, will provide this service at an additional cost with prior approval from the Property Owner or Property Management.

    Upon Completion of the work, all shrubs and hedges will be pruned or sheared a maximum of 6” of new growth and debris removed or blown into the natural areas of the property.

  1. BED WEED CONTROL (SOFTSCAPES & HARDSCAPES):  Weed control shall maintained in shrubbery beds, mulched areas, tree rings, sidewalk cracks, curbs on Maintenance Visits. Large weeds will be trimmed down to a low height and then sprayed with the herbicide.

    Upon completion, all weeds in the “Softscape” and “Hardscape” areas will be reduced in height and then sprayed with herbicide, as necessary.